My career as an entrepreneur began as a kid many years ago when my brother and I would sell frozen concentrated juice cups to the other neighborhood kids during the hot and humid Virginia summer days, graduating up to selling gum out of my locker in middle school.

As an adult I bought and sold cars, and sold various products on eBay, Craigslist, as well as through social media and word of mouth. After graduating from James Madison University with a B.A. in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, the goal was to never work a 9-5.

I immediately began working on and executing a business plan to own and operate a Mobile Kitchen. Just a year into the mobile kitchen the business expanded into a brick and mortar, and I realized my lifelong dream of opening a restaurant and sports bar, while concurrently working festivals and events with the mobile kitchen.
After many 80 plus hour work weeks, the dream was slowly becoming a nightmare, and although I was working for myself, I felt like I was on the rat race and my free time had been stripped. I sold the business and took some time to myself. My plan was to use the final payment of the sale to open a small car dealership in my hometown of Charlottesville, VA, however, the Universe had other plans. That payment was never to be seen and I hit a true low point in my life.

The financial strains combined with a breakup and a fallout I had with some lifelong friends sent me into a depressed state.
I struggled mightily until I began my spiritual journey. I looked myself in the mirror, evaluated myself as a human and made an honest effort to improve as an individual.
I soon came across an ad for a job opening at the Boys & Girls Club of America, I applied, interviewed and I was hired. To say the least, this job changed my life. Through working with these kids daily, I forgot about my troubles and was fully present in each moment. I learned a deeper sense of gratitude and patience and realized that the purest form of happiness and success comes not from chasing money, but through helping others.

I will always treasure the relationships that I created both with the kids that I had the pleasure of mentoring as well as my amazing staff. After a year and a half, I sadly had to part ways with the club and those amazing children, as my next endeavor took me all the way across the country to Southern Oregon. I took with me the passion to help others, which will never diminish. I truly believe that everyone deserves a chance to chase their dreams and ultimately Catch Those Dreams!

My goal with this project is to create a coalition that will help as many small businesses, artists, and organizations as possible, succeed in doing just that. I know what it’s like to struggle, both personally as well as an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is not easy, but if we come together and help one another, we can all succeed.

Coalition over competition!
Please join us in helping one another create the lives that we all dream of.
Much love and respect on your journey and may the blessing of abundance find you all.
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